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Hi 👋🏼

Dede Hamzah - also known as dehamzah on the internet - is currently leading software engineering team in Wahyoo. He was a css wizardy since his college, helping small busineses creating custom websites with wordpress. After graduated, he always worked in early stage startup as a software engineer, with various role from frontend, backend, and mobile (cross platform). He tends to take some initiative to help the team achieve the best developer experience by automating some process from development to production. He also like contributing to communities and open source, you can find him organizing Flutter Jakarta with his fellow Flutter enthusiasts.

Past Talks
  • Dec 2019 - Learned From Building Wahyoo's First Flutter App - Flutter Jakarta Meetup
  • Aug 2019 - Trusted Web Activity 101 - Google i/o Extended Jakarta 2019
  • Dec 2017 - Open edX as Your 'Swiss Army' Knife For Your E-Learning Platform - Python Conference Indonesia 2017
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